Modern Garden Office Cladding

The client was looking to transform simple lawn city garden into a contemporary haven, seamlessly blending productivity and leisure. Inspired by the desire for a vibrant yet low-maintenance outdoor space, they sought a harmonious mix of colours and textures, envisioning a lush landscape that would serve both as an inviting play area and a tranquil work environment. With a keen eye for modern aesthetics, the goal was to transform the garden into a sleek, stylish retreat that would house a cutting-edge home office. .

The Solution

Granite Composite Cladding
was chosen to clad the garden office, imparting a sense of modern sophistication that seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic of the contemporary garden. The selection was deliberate, as this cutting-edge cladding material not only offered durability but also boasted a rich dark black hue that became a pivotal element in tying together the entire design scheme. The deep, luxurious tones of the composite cladding harmonized effortlessly with the matching composite decking, which was skilfully incorporated to create an inviting decked area, elevating the overall design and unifying the various elements of the garden.
Paired with the modern paving, strategically placed stone planters, and imaginative plantings, the granite composite cladding became the linchpin, providing a cohesive backdrop for the garden's modern allure. The addition of contemporary water features further enhanced the ambiance, completing the transformation of the outdoor space into a sleek and functional haven where work seamlessly blended with leisure.

Customer Feedback

"Envirobuild is my supplier of choice for all my composite based materials. I love working with Envirobuild for their high quality products and strong sustainability mission - Using recycled materials, wind energy to produce their products and supporting the Rainforest Trust"

Project Details