Outdoor Luxury Rattan Furniture

Katerina was looking to create a stylish alfresco lounging area, as a part of the luxury oasis getaway garden she was designing. The garden needed to fit into a 8m x 9m plot and create the feeling of being transported to a holiday destination with relaxation and sustainability at the heart of the concept. Incorporating vibrant blooms to a soothing water feature, creating a space that offers an escape where one can relax, entertain, sow, grow, eat, and cook.

The Brief

Katerina was tasked with crafting a stylish and tranquil lounging space within the getaway garden, aiming to evoke a holiday ambiance for the family. She needed to source an outdoor sofa set that seamlessly blended with the overall design, her focus was on providing ample space for the entire family to unwind. The chosen product not only had to withstand the test of time and require minimal maintenance but also align with the client's commitment to fostering a sustainable garden environment.

The Solution

5 seater Nightingale sofa set
made from luxury recycled rattan fitted the brief perfectly. Its timeless handwoven rattan exuded elegance, complemented by modern wooden legs seamlessly integrated into the garden's colour scheme. The rattan provided texture and dimension, creating a harmonious blend. The 5-seater set, both comfortable and enduring, became the ideal spot for entertaining and relaxation amid the tranquil garden ambiance. With its long-lasting, low-maintenance features, the set perfectly aligned with the garden's calming aspirations, while its strong sustainability credentials resonated with the client's commitment to a green haven.

Project Details

Project Size: 8m x 9m
Location: Birmingham