In partnership with House Designer

We at EnviroBuild have teamed up with House Designer®, a groundbreaking interior design firm established in 2020, to bring sustainable garden design to your doorstep.
Our collaboration is founded on a mutual dedication to making design services accessible, innovative, and above all, environmentally friendly for homeowners seeking to enhance their home and garden aesthetics.

Garden Design Packages

Dive into a bespoke garden design concept that captures your vision and aspirations. Our expert designers work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind concept that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality.

Garden Makeover


Garden Makeover up to 350m²
Video consultation with your designer
Comprehensive Plans
(To-Scale, Working, Planting, Lighting)
Access to Trade discounts
Up to 3 Design Revisions
Material and Furniture list
Up to 4 weeks Design time
21 days post Design Support

Large Garden Makeover


Full Garden Transformation up to 650m²
Video consultation with your designer
Comprehensive Plans
(To-Scale, Working, Planting, Lighting)
Access to Trade discounts
Up to 4 Design Revisions
Material and Furniture list
Up to 5 weeks Design time
30 days post Design Support

How It Works

Garden Design Brief

The core of the design process lies in this pivotal stage. Our tailored garden questionnaire serves as the foundation for creating your unique brief.
Simply upload photos of your garden or outdoor space, provide measurements and a rough sketch or blueprint. Share your garden ideas, inspiration, and budget, guiding us in creating a design that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Video Consultation

Connect with your garden designer through a video consultation. Our designers embark on a collaborative journey with you to sculpt a beautiful outdoor space that mirrors your unique style.
Every project is a masterpiece in its own right. Engage with your designer, sharing ideas and insights throughout the process. Your vision is the focal point, and together, we create a completely bespoke outdoor haven.

Comprehensive Planning

To-Scale Garden Planner

Precision is key to bringing your dream garden to life. Our to-scale garden planner ensures every element is perfectly positioned, guaranteeing a harmonious balance between design elements and the natural landscape.

Full Working Plan

Receive a comprehensive working plan that outlines every detail of your garden's transformation. This roadmap guides your vision into reality, ensuring a smooth, efficient process from start to finish.

Bespoke Planting Plan

Elevate your garden with a tailor-made planting plan. We select the ideal plants that thrive in your garden's unique conditions, creating a lush, vibrant outdoor space that flourishes season after season.

Lighting Plan

Illuminate your garden with a bespoke lighting plan that enhances its beauty and ambiance. From subtle accents to dramatic focal points, our lighting designs ensure your garden is a sight to behold, day or night.

Concept Development

Design Concept

After your garden designer captures your brief, the real magic begins. You’ll soon receive comprehensive design schemes, including the design concept, garden plan layout, and 3D isometric views presenting various angles of your envisioned garden.
We value your input, so please share your preferences, likes, and dislikes. Your feedback guides your designer to implement changes, ensuring the final design aligns perfectly with your vision.

Development Stage

Our team combines expertise and creativity to adjust and develop the design, ensuring it matches your vision perfectly.
Your prompt responses help speed up this process, moving us closer to creating your dream garden.

Delivery & Support

Garden Package Delivered

Receive your comprehensive package with the garden concept, planner layout and immersive 3D isometric views.
Garden design packages offer everything essential for the successful build of your garden. This encompasses a tailor-made planting plan, a detailed lighting plan, and precise working drawings.

Plants Delivered To You

Unlock the ease of garden transformation with curated materials and furniture lists, featuring every element from your final design.
Strong ties with trusted UK nurseries mean you can not only enjoy a seamless sourcing process but also exclusive trade discounts when you choose to purchase through us.

Post-Design Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond the delivery of your design package. We offer continued support for any questions or assistance you might need post-design.

Frequently Asked Questions